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>> reporter: absolutely we did find some. cold temperatures great for some people, not so good for others such as here in sunnyvale. they say all the overnight facilities will house more homeless people than usual tonight but because of the freezing temperatures they will not turn anyone away. >> if you are looking for the beauty in the cold weather, you will find it in the santa cruz mountains. this if the first time they have seen snow. >> it's exciting. it's really cool. i've never seen it this close to home. >> what is rare treat for some is unwelcome for other visitors. he doesn't seek out the cold, he endures it. >> it's freezing outside. i mean even in the daytime, i'm doing this. >> they offer comfort to the homeless. they have this year round shelter in san jose and in the
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winter months open armories in sunnyvale and gilroy. >> our mission is to help all that need a warm, safe place to stay. we provide meals and medical attention if needed. >> and plants need protection. >> i think there is a big risk. i don't want to lose them. they are in pots. >> nursery workers say watering and breathable fabric can add a layer of protection. even burlap works. >> what they do is provide insulating cover which allows the plant to breathe and allows moisture to go through both sides. >> not everything or everybody who could use the same warmth will get it. coyote creek in san jose is lined with homeless encampments. many politely refuse to come inn
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doors. >> are you going to go to shelter? >> the sunnyvale arm have i budgeted to house 125 people overnight. last night, 140 came last night. >> to be here in the shelter, i'm so grateful to have this as a place to go, instead of outside in the woods and creek or that nature. >> they say 39 people died on the streets in santa clara county last year so they encourage anyone out in the cold tonight to find shelter. there will also be volunteers passing out blankets and jackets >> carolyn: heather ishimaru is live in petaluma this evening. it's going to be especially cold where you are. >> reporter: petaluma could be the winner or loser however you look at it with some of the
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lowest temperatures maybe in the 20s. among the concerns, chp is worried about the invisible black ice, patches of it 6-20 feet long where puddles are slow to dry up. >> they know it is coming. temperatures of freezing and below. that means expecting black ice on the roads tomorrow morning, the coldest temperatures are expected between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. before the commute starts. chp says to expect it here and slow down but don't hit the brakes if you hit a patch of the ice. >> you may lose control, if you get off the gas, you will glide right over. >> flowers will look like this. use anything but plastic. rose garden nursery any old sheet will do or pay $18 for a frost blanket like this one.
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>> we put towels over the plants at night over the citrus tree. >> i need to cover up my banana plants and hope it doesn't die on me. do not take anything off that is damaged by the frost until spring. >> why is that? >> because old growth will protect the new growth and protect root system. >> on the black ice, chp adds in addition to the shady roadways, they are concerned about bridges and overpasses, that tends to be where the black ice forms. they urge everyone not to use cruise control. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news". >> dan: that is good tip. the entire west coast is getting hit with the same blast of cold tonight. take a look at the video of the conditions in the sierra. this is interstate 80 near truckee where drivers were required to carry chains and use
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them on highway 50. the mountains of southern california are still getting snow. this is video taken of interstate 5. it was closed this morning because of snow. it's closed again now because of a weather-related accident. here is a look at the snow that has been following on the seattle, washington area. classes why delayed at some schools but wasn't enough moisture to generate any more snow there than this. >> carolyn: we are learning much more tonight about the disturbing past of a convicted killer accused of murdering his own mother. he was freed decades ago something he even questioned. laura? >> reporter: i'm standing in front of the home where this mother's body was found yesterday. vallejo police told us they have had this man on their radar for about ten years because he had to register them as a sex
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offender and had to walk into police headquarters once every year, every february. he was out living in various bay area communities for more than 20 years. it's a fact not lost on past victims' family. >> i knew something was going to happen. he is such an evil person. >> this woman is a relative one of the two bay area girls murdered by him in 1966. >> he had a gun on them. he had them strip and carrie ran. she came back and he shot her in the head. >> we are aware of him. >> on wednesday vallejo police say he called to say he murdered his mother in the hidden brook golf community. >> we searched the house thoroughly and found evidence of the crime. >> she was very fine lady.
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>> she had been living in this mobile home park. makes say they hadn't seen her for about a month but her son was a regular visitor. >> i have no idea would want to do that to her. >> i had no fear of him. >> irving lives across from where dennis lives in the past decade. >> were you aware of his past? >> but i figured he had paid for his mistakes according to the law. >> he has a violent criminal history including two kidnap and rapes, a kidnap and sexual assault in may of 1966. in august 1966 the kidnap and rape and murder of two teens from pinole. on august 3rd, two days later, a kidnap and rape in pacifica. after his conviction, he made the following statements. the fact is i did it. i'm guilty as charged and there is no doubt to that fact.
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i had a fair and impartial trial and swear the conviction which has resulted in the sentence of death is valid. in the 1970s, california's death penalty was overturned and sentence was reduced to life in prison. this en he was granted parole in 1990. the family was well aware he had moved to vallejo circulating flyers to make sure they knew of his violent past. >> it makes no sense. i know they don't have a lot of room for him. put him in a cage and forget about him. >> that relative also told us that after her family distributed flyers in this neighborhood, they received a phone call from the parole agent telling them that they were harassing him. she also received a couple mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night. she got a gun for protection
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after that. >> dan: thanks very much. a castro valley pin man arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and using a lizard to protect the stash made his first appearance in court as the big gator was taken to the zoo in ill health. >> reporter: we were just surprised. >> what surprised them was this. mr. teeth. the photo provided to us by the alameda county sheriff's department is the alligator type reptile being used by this man as a guard for his stash of marijuana. >> i saw two animal control people and two sheriffs. >> he made his first court appearance to face charges he possessed marijuana with the intent to sell. mayer was arrested in the home he rented in castro valley. officials say when they arrived
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they found mayer, 34 pounds of processed marijuana and live five foot reptile they believed to be an alligator. >> it was situated where the plod was stored. >> his attorney says mr. teeth is a brazilian cayman that was rescued from a friend. claims that it was guarding a marijuana pot grow for profit is false. >> in order to legally grow and sell marijuana to a coop you must be licensed. they will address that when they go to court. as for mr. teeth, he was sick when they arrived and was stressed out by the events of last few days. it died this morning. >> mayer has been in jail since his arrest.
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his family told me off camera because of his incarceration he doesn't know that the pet he has had since 1996 has died. >> carolyn: still ahead, a radar failure that may have contributed to that tanker collision at the bay bridge. local officials consider making it a safety. >> later tonight the governor's proposal to dramatically change the way schools are funded. >> a bay area man on nominated for an oscar and piece of
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>> dan: the tanker crash into the bay bridge on monday is raising questions tonight whether the bay bridge should be off-limits to giant ships in heavy fog. lyanne melendez has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the top commander of the coastguard here in the area told me this morning they have examined the entire vessel. they are done with that. they have interviewed all the crew members. now, they are just collecting the data including why a beacon device on the bridge failed. >> the bay bridge is not what is called the critical maneuvering area. this means even visibility is poor, they are allowed to navigate under the bridge but that could change. today during a monthly meeting. harbor safety committee recommended to study to see if a new safety plan should be
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adopted after monday's accident. that could mean reducing the numbers of vessels in the bay when visibility is low. that would likely affect the transportation of goods. >> you realize united states doesn't grow bananas so we wanted to keep the commerce flowing. with that said, we wanted to be very cautious. >> the last time the plan was reviewed was five years ago following the cosco busan accident. 53,000 gallons of bunker fuel spilled into the bay and they are investigating whether a faulty beacon played a role. a racon radar is a navigation aid to help get a ship through the bay bridge. there are three attached to the bridge. one of them was not working when the oil tanker hit one of towers. >> it reported to the coastguard
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after the one racon was not working properly. >> but the coastguard clarified that the troubled racon is located along the charlie delta span where it is not where it crossed. >> could that have been the cause of this? >> it's hard to say because there is a lot of factors we need to look at. maybe it is important and we will look into it very seriously. >> the vessel also relies on other navigation tools to guide it. the pilot navigating the ship at the time has passed both alcohol and drug tests. >> the alcohol test comes back almost immediately and the drug test came back the following day and both were negative. >> reporter: now, again with regard to those racon devices,
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the coastguard told me the state is supposed to maintain them, not them. that is something the national transportation safety board will certainly look into. >> carolyn: california has reached a renewable energy milestone. the solar initiative is generating more than one giga was the worth of electricity. san jose has installed the most panels. president obama signed a bill designating pinnacles national monument as the newest national park. that opens the door for more visitors. california has nine national parks more than any other state. >> dan: let's talk about this cold weather. >> carolyn: it's really going to get cold, sandhya. >> time to turn up the heat. extra blanket on the bed.
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live picture it's going to get cold tonight. it is freezing and live picture from high definition roof camera. look at the bay bridge showing off the parking lead lights, beautiful display there and look at live doppler 7. showers are gone. the snow is long gone and clear skies we are expecting a chilly night. temperatures right now already in the 40s. oakland is only place where we're seeing 50 degree temperature. down to 42 in fairfield. freezing cold and cool afternoons into the weekend. dry and milder as we head into next week. here is a look at the lows. by morning you are going to need to bundle up. 33 degrees in san jose. 31 in fremont. 33 richmond, oakland 36, 34 in
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san jose and these are not the coldest readings. look at the inland valleys, 29 degrees in fairfield. vallejo, low 30. napa and santa rosa, in the upper 20s. like i said it will be a cold morning and another one coming. cold front is gone. colder air is settling in. it originated in the gulf of alaska and now we're seeing the possibility of a string of cold nights certainly tonight and going into the following night. high pressure takes control of our weather. dry pattern through next week except early sunday morning, a little disturbance that will ride over this high pressure system and that may produce a few drops sunday morning, but not enough to cancel your plans. tomorrow morning, could you see minor flooding in low-lying areas through friday morning. high tide known as king tide
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just over seven feet at 10:26 in the morning combining with the northwesterly flow. low-lying areas could see minor flooding. tomorrow afternoon, keep the sweater or jacket around, mostly sunny. 47 in ukiah. santa rosa, 52. palo alto, south bay, san jose, 49 by afternoon in livermore and 53 degrees in oakland. around the monterey bay, 52 in watsonville. 49 for a high in morgan hill. first, the 49ers, as they take on green bay packers at candlestick, it will be cold but at least dry. if you are heading to the game, grab a jacket, upper 40s following to the mid 40s. it will be cold the neck few mornings. then we'll bump up the temperatures, overnight and afternoon readings coming up next week, it will be a milder
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sunny, dry pattern. >> dan: coming up next, a berkeley demonstration against u.s. policy on torture. >> and former law professor that helped make it
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release of the movie zero dark 30 revoo vice revived the dialogue about torture. >> prosecute john yew. >> they dhon stimulated a meet-and-greet session with professor yew. they had to escorted out by police. the office has criticized yen for that torture memo. he declined to comment to abc news about the protest. >> money matters, the head of apple reaches out to china. apple ceo tim cook met in shanghai with the head of china mobile. biggest cellphone company. china mobile doesn't offer the
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iphone but china will become apple's largest market in the near future. >> exported numbers from china suggesting an improve xhe drove prices up on the stock market. s&p 500 reached a five-year high on gain of 11 points. amtrak had a pretty good year. it reported a $361 million loss for the year but that is the smallest in 38 years. amtrak had dozens of new locomotives. and as we continue at 6:00, an "abc 7 news" exclusive on the death of junior seau. his family shares their reaction. >> and gunfire breaks out on another school campus. frightening reminder of newtown tragedy. >> and governor proposes sweeping reforms to the way we finance california schools. even he admits they are
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>> dan: tonight there are new details about the sudden death last year of former n.f.l. star junior seau. we have learned that he suffered from a degenerative brain disease. injury is most often caused by concussion. the injury shrinks and hardens brain tissue. his family reacted to the news with "abc 7 news." >> i approached him certain things about, his and my relationship. it was like i was talking to nobody. >> the family donated his brain to the national innings institute of health. they came back with the results this week. star linebacker died after self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in san diego. >> moments ago a judge in colorado ruled there is enough evidence for suspected movie
6:30 pm
theater killer james holmes to stand trial. he is accused of killing 12 people. prosecutors have established probable cause on 160 felony counts. he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. his attorney has filed papers that he is not ready to enter a plea. one student is in critical condition. it happened this morning in taft, a small town outside bakersfield. police say a 16-year-old walk into a classroom and w shotgun and fired twice hitting one student. they credit a teacher preventing more injuries. he and another staff member convinced the shooter to put down the gun. >> they are screaming. >> she was hysterical. >> police have not released the name the shooter.
6:31 pm
classmates says he is a smarted but he is a loner but was teased because of his small stature. >> vice president biden says rel from a task force will be on the president's desk next week. >> one there is a surprising, so far, a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. not just closed gun show loophole but total universal background checks. >> the national rifle association which in three weeks sense the newtown tragedy has added over 100,000 new members and issued a statement we will not allow law abiding gun owners to be blamed for madness. >> governor jerry brown declared an end at the deficit problem.
6:32 pm
it gives $2.7 billion from education through kindergarten through community college. the systems will get an additional $250 million each. it expands healthcare under the healthcare reform and leaves a billion dollars in reserve. the governor's plan to increase public education funding also includes social engineering, poorer districts will get more than other ones. david louie has more. >> west contra costa knows hardship. they got a $46 million bailout and laid off teachers long before the budget crisis. now it has paid off the loan it is getting a shot in the arm. in announcing $2.7 billion in increased funding for public education. >> in richmond, it's not like growing up in los gatos or beverly hills. >> they want to give those hire
6:33 pm
amounts. julie says it's critical because 70% of the 30,000 students are minority, some of them are still learning english. >> you have to understand that education is the foundation for everything. without that money, without that foundation, we're going to see problems in the future. so fixing it now helps. >> reporter: school district board member does see a downside when contradicts are treated unequally. >> we're not going to apologize. we welcome the resources. >> that means those resources will come from los gatos high school where the median income is $94,000. governor's plan could incur an estimated $4 million loss. >> the problem there is not extra money in the system to be able to transfer it to districts that would receive that money without taking it from districts
6:34 pm
that have already endured cuts. >> reporter: that would pit districts against each other. >> other communities and other areas will be able to stand up, not us. not this way. i don't blame them. they should fight. >> how will it work? the governor's formula calls for school districts with high numbers of learning english and foster children and low income students to get greater state funding. >> carolyn: just ahead ashlgs trillion dollar coin. >> dan: it may soon be considered to foot the debt
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momentum is gaining behind an idea that started as a joke, trillion dollar coin. >> dan: why is that idea being taken seriously now. >> it's gone from never in a million years, well, maybe. the idea of the president minting a million dollar platinum coin to avoid debt ceiling drama has gained
6:38 pm
political momentum. what started as a whim in 2010 got more attention a year later. now has left leaning noble prize winning columnist paul krugman if the debt ceiling isn't avoided, mint the darn coin. gerald nadler is behind it not to mention a petition on the white house website with thousands of signatures in support. speaking of the white house.... >> would you roll it out? >> you can speculate a lot of things. >> it's in the air, a high floater. treasury department decides not to field it, but why is this being discussed more seriously now? analysts say frustration and fatigue in washington. >> an increased search for ways out of this problem, especially by democrats. i think that is how some of them hit on this idea about the coin. >> we've explained how it would
6:39 pm
work. >> treasury can mint it and print one trillion dollars. the president can order that coin to be deposited at the federal reserve. and real buzz over all of this is possibility, humorous or not, who would be on the coin, obama and boin have been considered. lady liberty popular choice, michael phelps is too scary. have a nice like look to it? >> no. it's nice to collect but not a way to solve national debt problems. >> matt says one idea the idea hasn't been shelved because it's more adroit to threaten to mint the coin than it would be for him to actually use it. >> it would be hard to negotiate things on budget and tax issues and other things that face this
6:40 pm
president. >> not to mention the mockery that it would draw on the american currency system. as strange as it seems it's no crazier to get into a fight over the debt ceiling. all right. coming up here next, some of the bay area people who are up for academy awards this year. academy awards this year. >> and innovation t hey america, even though she doesn't need them,
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the depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too.
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>> dan: welcome back. here at abc7 we are counting down to the oscars. they are now just 44 days away. >> carolyn: leading the way with 12 nominations is stephen spielberg's saga lincoln. >> that was some movie. life of pi, 11 nominations, it's director as the only best picture to be nominated in the
6:44 pm
best director category. >> the director of the musical les miserabe, hue jackson got a nomination as best actor for that. we have them all listed at >> the wife of california lieutenant governor gavin newsom got oscar nods today. jennifer was an executive producer on documentary on the invisible war which examines the issue of sexual assault in the u.s. military. in announcing the nomination to her 4,000 twitter followers, she tweeted the message, amaze go news. >> among others, visual effects of lucas films. jonathan bloom talked with two of the nominees and more innovation that can help you get the oscar party started. >> standing atop a fountain at
6:45 pm
lucas films, yoda may be the most famous face but it's the bigger guy that has jeff white nominated for the first oscar. >> incredibly excited. first time i'm nominated. >> he was industrial lighted and magic director and he helped bring the hulk to life. >> even down to the skin texture. all the pores on his skin are the hulk's poors. -- pores. >> but there is something you didn't see. a 3-d model of new york city. >> went out to new york city and started with photographing the real city and that was the basis of our texas turs. >> crashes and explosions are a specialty but this time he is nominated for an oscar on a different film. >> when i first heard about
6:46 pm
lincoln. >> lincoln is about a battle in congress. >> it was very focused on hearing every nuance of the acting. >> its historical film all the way down to the tiniest sounds. >> they went to the white house and cure rateders and recorded scenes that was in the white house when lincoln was there. the air and sound of the white house. >> if yoda wants to watch the oscars, there is only one place to do it. right here on abc7. the party is getting started on our website at >> we have a great new feature on our website, it's called my picks. >> you can fill out oscar picks and share them with your friends and compare scores. >> you can do it with your friends all over the country and all over the world. >> here is how to access the my
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picks app, click the button on our home page to see a list of nominees and started choosing your favorites. it's available for apple and kindle devices and then he see who winnings when the oscars are announced live only on abc7. >> let's get a check on the chilly forecast. >> it's going to be a cold night. combed couple of nights. as you look at live doppler, skies are clear and the dry air mass combining with the winds dropping off is going to be cold. let me show you where the freeze warnings are in effect. east bay interior valleys, mid 20s to low 30s. freeze damage is possible to your frosted sensitive plants. frost advisory is indicated in the lighted purple. this covers the bayshore line.
6:48 pm
friday and saturday, same time period, sensitive plants at risk. as you look at the statewide travel, snow showers at yosemite 23 degrees and 26 in tahoe. rain in eureka. heading down san diego, mostly sunny. high temperatures keeping it cool but mostly sunny, upper 40s to low 50s and here is a look at seven-day forecast. pretty dry other an small possibility of a couple of drops sunday morning. then forecast will feature mild lows again. >> dan: that will be nice. >> carolyn: news from the 49ers. >> one foot in particular, 49ers have decided on their caker. do they have faith in david 11111111g
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good evening and kicker is... david akers, 49ers, awards
6:52 pm
presentation. 49ers decided to stay with akers heading into the game with green bay. >> the kick is off the caught ball. >> the season has come full circle for david akers. he tied the record with a 63-yard field goal in a win at green bay but from that point on he made less than 70% of his kicks. last week they brought in billy kundit. >> he did what a football does. feel air force base and david will give us best chance to win. >> he never lost faith in akes. >> i said all along, david is going to make us go to the superbowl. get david back.
6:53 pm
>> the quarterback who led san francisco to that season opening win alex smith. he continues to support the man who replaced him as the starting signal caller. >> he is very locked in, especially close to game day. i see him more confident in what he is doing especially giving more confidence and going with it. >> intense harbaugh left down his guard. huey lewis and news will play before the game. he a native guy from music to hair. >> i've had this hair cut since i was ten years old. [ laughter ] >> jacksonville needs a new coach because they fired mike larkey.
6:54 pm
keep an eye out on this guy. offensive coordinator greg norman. they were teammates and roommates at john carol university. >> one day of the steroid cloud kept anybody from getting to the hall of fame, major league baseball says they will start testing next season. the timing of the announcement comes one day after stars like barry bonds and roger clemens were left out of the hall. last season players were tested for human growth hormone but only during spring training. >> the warriors dropped the second game in a row for second time in the season. the washer years they preach defense but were outscored 60-34 and gasol just dominating. warriors have up coming a games
6:55 pm
against portland. miami heat, the spurs, nuggets and clippers but the coach mark jackson he doesn't worry about the opponents. >> we go game to game. if we do what we're supposed to do on the defensive end and also execute and take care of the basketball, we'll be just fine. >> this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> i notice you have concerns over the kicking situation. >> they are going to keep the back-up option. >> billy will stay with the team but it not clear whether they will activate him. if you keep the other guy around david akers, he's not gone yet. they are hoping akers is straightened out. >> we'll see. thanks, larry. >> joining us at 9:00 on kofy tv
6:56 pm
20. does social media have a new king maker. >> then at 11:00, why city leaders are restarting their search for a police chief days before the current chief is set to retire. >> and at 11:00, we are followed by jimmy kimmel live. "nightline" airs at 12:37. >> that does it for this edition. i'm carolyn johnson. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we will see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an attorney and taiko drummer from houston, texas... ...a performance artist from tallahassee, florida... ...and our returning champion, a strategic analyst for nasa, from huntsville, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- ex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our program.
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$6,700 doesn't sound like a lot, and it's not on "jeopardy!" usually our champions average about $15,000, $16,000, but we had a tough final yesterday, but kristin knocked off a four-day champion to take the champion's lectern position. parker and natalie are the challengers, so goo to all three. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and today you have to deal with these categories... alex: kristin, start us. let's start with gee! it's geology for $200. parker. what is a plateau? you got it. i'll take the same category for $400.

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